Instrument Reprocessing

Instrument care and reprocessing is an integral part of Nursing Lower Limb & Foot Care. We use the RITTER M9 STEAM STERILIZER (Autoclave) to sterilize our instruments. Our wellness centre is equipped with a dedicated reprocessing/sterilisation area and we’ve implemented strict reprocessing policies and procedures as required by Public Health Ontario (PHO) & Infection Prevention & Control Canada (IPAC).

In July 2019, the IPAC committee released a position statement on the Reprocessing of Critical Foot Care Devices: “…Steam sterilization is required for foot care instruments and the sterilizer requires a printout…Click here to read the full statement.

Instrument reprocessing requires time, resources and many expenses, but it is deemed essential to keep our community safe and reduce the risk of infections. Please note that our prices reflect the added cost of providing our community with effective infection prevention and control standards. In the age of a pandemic, the limitation and cost of PPE, environment disinfection and hand hygiene products, which are needed for our reprocessing practices also, have increased more than 3-5 times its original prices, which add to our service cost. However, we must continue to ensure the safety of our public and reduce the risk of transmittable diseases.If you have any questions or concerns, please e-mail us at