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As face coverings are still required during all personal care services, we believe that you still deserve a relaxing facial treatment on what is not covered by your face mask: your forehead, neck, and décolleté area! Enjoy our Detox cleansing line from Diego Dalla Palma to relieve your skin from all impurities, our hot towel treatments to ensure that all your tensed muscles are relaxed, plus our famous aromatherapy forehead, shoulder, décolleté and full arms massage. Wish you could get more? Then don’t forget to ask us about FREE Diego Dalla Palma samples so you can treat the rest of your face in the comfort of your home!

A disposable mask will be provided to you – No extractions are performed. Microdermabrasion add-on available!

As always, our Licensed Aesthetician will be wearing a face shield, face mask, gloves, and a full smile under her PPE.

110$ + HST

Free Parking and Wheelchair Accessible

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Welcome to Natural Sole Wellness Centre, Ottawa’s leading state-of-the-art holistic spa and wellness centre. We provide a wide array of services and treatments to enhance the health and well-being of our community from Soul to Sole. We’re proud to offer a new and unique collaborative approach to holistic health. Whether you’re looking to address a concern or to start investing in your self-care, you can call us today at 613-761-6060 to speak with a member of our team.

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Our mission at Natural Sole Wellness Centre is to help you reach your optimal health and wellness goals through the support of an experienced interdisciplinary team of practitioners. We feature holistic health therapies and spa services that focus on your self-care in an environment you can trust and feel comfortable in. We do not have a one-size fits all program nor do we offer packages. Instead, our assessments and services are based on your unique needs and goals. Each of our clients is unique and we embrace this matter. Our philosophy? Selfcare is not a trend, it’s a lifestyle! Let us partner with you into your health and wellness journey.

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Our Wellness Centre Blog

We, at Natural Sole Wellness Centre, have decided to launch our “Wellness Blog” to help you focus on your self-care while you are in the comfort of your home. Our blog includes self care topics such as; foot care, skin treatments, shiatsu therapy, facial care, nutrition and much more. We are passionate about helping others and while we know that social-media distancing might be difficult, we hope that a little bit of distraction will help!

We’ve got you covered from Soul to Sole! Click on the following link to go to our blog section or check out our latest entry bellow.

Dry skin: Can’t mask that one!

Dry skin: Can’t mask that one!

Your skin interacts with the environment everyday, from pollution, UV rays, humidity, cold winds, to the cooling, and heating systems in your home. Feeling like your skin is thirstier in the winter months, but overly oily in the summer? It’s only normal that we need...

Diabetes and Foot Health: Don’t run away from this one!

Diabetes and Foot Health: Don’t run away from this one!

  As your Foot Care Nurse, I cannot advocate enough for healthy feet. If you tell me you want your feet to be healthy, I won’t be the one who will step in your way. But if you’re a diabetic, you must know  that your feet need to be healthy 365 days out of the...

Breast Cancer – Preventative Nutrition

Breast Cancer – Preventative Nutrition

  Breast cancer is the most common cancer amongst women worldwide and many studies have shown correlation between lifestyle and diet directly linked to incidences of breast cancer. Eating a nutrient dense diet, maintaining a healthy weight, and daily movement...

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See the whole interview with our Clinic Owner and Registered Nurse, Sarab Dormani.

Natural Sole Wellness Centre

1677 Carling Ave. Unit B

Ottawa ON K2A 1C4

Natural Sole Wellness Centre

1677 Carling Ave. Unit B

Ottawa, ON K2A 1C4

Phone: (613)761-6060

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