Body Treatments: Top Benefits

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The last few months have been “IN-SANE”! Our worlds have been spinning into a whole different direction, and not mention, our heads have been also spinning around…



We believe that it is still necessary to escape into another world from time to time and disconnect from all external distractions. We need to shift the focus on ourselves and on our self-care when possible.


We, at Natural Sole Wellness Centre, have proudly launched our Signature Body Treatment services as part of Phase 2 of reopening in Ontario. If you can afford to take a couple hours off, we’ve even made this decision easier for you by adding a 15% discount to all of our Signature Body Treatments until June 30th 2020.



Now that we’ve got your attention, let’s explore how body treatments can be good for your soul and overall well-being. Body treatments allow you to catch up on some “me time”, relax, regenerate, re-energize, detoxify, disconnect and reconnect.



There are many health benefits when it comes to adding a body treatment into your self-care routine:


  1. Disconnect & Reconnect: taking a few hours off from your busy schedule allows your body-mind & soul to rejuvenate.
  2. Skin renewal: body sugar scrubs & exfoliating treatments remove the layers of dead skin on our body and allow new skin cell regeneration.
  3. Improve sleep: relaxation massage and essential oils can help you release stress and tension which allows you to fall back into a healthy sleeping routine.
  4. Healthy skin: Who says skin care is just for the face? Our signature back facial is a great treatment to reduce acne, acne scars and blemishes from those hard to reach areas on your back. Add a microdermabrasion treatment to it and you’re on the road to that smooth and glowing back sooner than you think!
  5. Mental wellness: Times have been difficult. We have all been feeling down, but maybe that body treatment is what you need to reduce your stress and to remind yourself that you are beautiful on the inside.
  6. Relaxation: Knowing that you are investing in your wellness with treatments that promote skin hydration should help relax your body, mind & soul.



To add to the relaxing atmosphere and mental tranquility, we’ve added many safety protocols in guidance with the government’s recommendations on how to keep you and us safe! We wish to provide you serious mental and physical relief, and not worries.


Let us partner with you into your wellness journey from #soultosole.



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