Dry skin: Can’t mask that one!

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Your skin interacts with the environment everyday, from pollution, UV rays, humidity, cold winds, to the cooling, and heating systems in your home. Feeling like your skin is thirstier in the winter months, but overly oily in the summer? It’s only normal that we need different skin care products for different seasons. Being in Ottawa, you have probably felt like some days you witnessed all 4 seasons in the span of 12 hours…

Speaking of winter, the cold, dry winter air can make you feel itchy, dry, and generally uncomfortable. Dry flaky patches on your eyelids? Cracked and chapped lips? Sounds familiar? Dry skin doesn’t only feels uncomfortable, but it also contributes to skin fatigue and premature aging. Yikes! Don’t worry, there are lots of things you can do to fight the winter blues when it comes to skin care! Here are a few suggestions:

    1. Swap out your cleanser for a hydrating alternative: Most facial and body cleansers use soap ingredients to rid your face of excess oil. However, during the dry winter months you want to keep as much moisture as possible. Try using cleansing oils, and cream cleansers. If you have oily skin try using a gel cleanser as uses both water and oil to clean your skin without stripping moisture.
    2. Exfoliate carefully: Do NOT use an abrasive exfoliator! A quick scrub with a dry facecloth can work wonders and will not harm your delicate skin.
    3. Add an extra layer of moisture with a serum: Using a serum before your moisturizer is a great way to add extra hydration and key ingredients, like anti-aging assets, into your routine.
    4. Add some eye cream: If you don’t usually use eye cream, winter is the time to start! Look for eye creams with Peptides, ceramides, and fruit oils like apricot and avocado. Or try our famous Diego Dalla Palma Reviving Hyalu-gel with tri-metal ball roller for a gentle and smooth application.
    5. Seal in moisture with a luxurious face cream: Lotion may not cut it when you are dealing with itchy winter skin. A heavier cream contains more hydrating ingredients, like shea butter and hyaluronic acid. Your skin will thank you for the extra love!

Winter isn’t everyone’s favorite time of year, including your skin. We are thankful that our famous skin care line Diego Dalla Palma has an entire series of Moisturizing products to add to your home care routine! >From 24-hour face creams, to eye creams, to pumpling masks and serums, you have plenty of options to care for your skin at home!

Still feel like you need a bit more? Then book your free skin care consultation with me, your skin care Aesthetician, and see how can help you beat the winter griefs!

Sarah Cephas, Licensed Aesthetician

P.S. Don’t forget to hydrate 😉

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