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Your feet take you everywhere from morning to night (or night to morning). They deserve some TLC as well. While regular medical pedicures and proper footwear is key in keeping your feet healthy, taking care of them at home is as important! The skin on your feet is diffrent from the rest of your body, therefore your feet need products specific to foot care. At Natural Sole Wellness Centre, we only carry quality products sold by foot care specialists. Browse our selection of products below and starting giving your feet the love they deserve. 

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Double Defense Cream Mousse – 125ml

This Double Defense Cream Mousse is hydrating yet lightweight.

It’s unique formula features:

  • Urea with hydrating and revitalizing properties
  • Rapid absorption and moisture lock into the skin
  • Sipraleen for anti-microbial properties
  • Can be used for night-care

Recommended for: dry/irritated skin, mature skin & regular skin care maintenance

$28.00 + HST

Cracked Heel Formula – 125ml

An effective treatment for dry skin with deep cracks and thick calluses.

It’s unique formula features:

  • Urea with hydrating and revitalizing properties
  • Primrose Oil for anti-inflammatory properties that helps the skin to rebuild itself

Recommended for: very dry skin, thick calluses, and deep cracks in heels.

$28.00 + HST

Peeling Skin Formula – 125ml

This formula, with Dermal Infusion Technology®, provides relief of peeling, scaling, itching between the toes and irritation associated with fungal infections. Contains Clotrimazole, an effective anti-fungal agent. Protects and cares for clammy feet prone to Athlete’s Foot. Contains no added moisturizers.

$28.00 + HST

Rough Skin Formula Anti-Fungal - 125ml

This formula with Dermal Infusion Technology®, with the proprietary anti-microbial ingredient Spiraleen®, is effective in treating dry, rough, scratchy or sand-paper like skin prone to fungal infections. Urea locks in moisture.
Ideal for seniors, people with Diabetes and those who are immuno-compromised.

$28.00 + HST

Nail Tincture Spray – 50ml

An effective spray, containing the proprietary anti-microbial ingredient Spiraleen®, is proven to provide care for unsightly toenails prone to fungal infections. Contains Avocado oil and Panthenol to restore toenails to optimum health.

$30.00 + HST

Foot Deodorant Spray – 125ml

Proven to effectively kill odor-causing bacteria on the feet.

It’s unique formula features:

  • Tea Tree oil to neutralize foot odor
  • Methanol to cool the skin and leave a fresh scent
  • Easy to use spray for a quick and effective application

Recommended for: athletes, people who work long hours and people who wear non-breathable shoes.

$26.00 + HST

Exfoliating Seaweed Scrub - 250 ml

Formulated with the highest grade, imported, organic microalgae, this unique formula is optimally blended with essential oils and polished pumice to exfoliate the skin without being abrasive.

$30.00 + HST

Footlogix Products
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Gehwol Lipidro Cream

GEHWOL Med Lipidro Cream – 75ml

  • Fragrance free
  • For dry & sensitive skin
  • Helps with lack of lipids and moistures and rebalances the skin
  • Contains urea for moisture retention
  • Sea buckthorn oil & avocado oil; high amounts of healthy fatty acids that supply dry skin
  • Algea extract: prevents itchiness and fungal infections
  • $ 24.00 + HST
Gehwol Callus Cream

GEHWOL Med Callus Cream – 75ml

  • Reduces callus in 28 days
  • Softens and smoothens skin
  • Cream must not be used on cracked, injured, sensative or inflamed skin
  • $26.00 + HST

Extra Foot Cream 75ml

  • For daily intensive care
  • The skin of the feet is deoderized and disinfected.
  • Protects against sore feet, infections, foot odour, calluses, sores and blisters, and makes dry and tough skin smooth.
  • Contains oils from: eucalyptus, rosemary, lavender, and thyme. 
  • $24.00 + HST

Med Salve for cracked heels - 75ml

  • A caring ointment for the treatment of heavily callused, brittle, dry, cracked, and rough skin.
  • Contains an effective combination of natural essential oils.
  • Suitable for diabetics.
  • $24.00 + HST

GEHWOL Fusskraft Mint – 75ml

  • Helps refresh feet with freshness of a cooling mint lotion. 
  • Contains natural menthol, essential oils from rosemary, mountain pine, and lavender. 
  • Urea and emollients help to maintain the elasticity of the skin and to keep it smooth.
  • Climbazole: prevents athlete’s foot and itching/blisters
  • $24.00 + HST

Nail Care - 15ml

  • For fragile finger and toenails.
  • Promotes healthy nail growth.
  • Contains wheat germ oil with Vitamin E, and chamomile. 
  • Gently rub in Nailcare on nails and surrounding skin areas.
  • $26.00 + HST
Gehwol Nail Softener

Med Nail Softener – 15ml

  • Prevents ingrown nail
  • Softens cuticles, thick hard corns and calluses
  • Softens hard nails and prevents them growing inwards
  • Prevents redness and irritation
  • Reduces pains and inflammation
  • $26.00 + HST
Gerlasan Hand Cream

Gerlan Hand Cream – 75ml

  • For daily care of hands
  • Moisturizes, protects and is easily absorbed with a non-sticky formula
  • Contains Urea, aloe vera and gylcerin for maximum protection of hands
  • Contains jojoba oil for anti-inflammatory protection to promote healing
  • Contains clotrimazol that has antifungal protection
  • $24.00 + HST