Home Care Guide on Healthy Feet

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We take our feet for granted. From our first steps as a child to running around everyday, our feet carry us tirelessly night and day. Our feet are vital to our mobility, our balance and our overall health. And yet, they are the last thing on our mind.

Foot health is important to our overall well-being! Here are a few home care tips to help you keep your feet strong & healthy:

Wash your feet: Foot hygiene is important as unclean feet can result into skin problems, foot odours, bacterial & fungal infection, etc. Just having body wash foam drip on your feet in the shower isn’t good enough! Your feet need to be washed and gently scrubbed daily.

Dry your feet: Excess moisture between the toes can lead to fungal and bacterial infections. Dry your feet, especially between the toes. Avoid getting creams & lotions between your toes

Moisturise: Moisturising isn’t just for the face and hands. The skin on your feet is much thicker, so it needs to be hydrated and softened regularly. Problems with hard callouses, excessive dryness and cracked skin? We carry a few lines of professional foot care products available for purchase at Natural Sole Wellness Centre.

Trim your toenails: Over-grown toenails encourage dirt build-up underneath, increase your risk of injuries and can get caught in your socks. Proper nail care should be done every few weeks. Trim the nails straight across and lightly file down sharp edges. Don’t cut your toenails too short into the skin as this can lead to painful ingrown toenails.

Wear proper footwear: Poorly fitted footwear lead to foot pain, callouses, blisters, ulcers, nail & feet deformities. Indoor and outdoor footwear should fit your feet properly; the optimal pair of shoes must allow foot function and movement while assuring good stability. Custom orthotics can add extra support and ease a wide range of foot, lower limb and even back problems and pains.  

Check your feet: Certain people need to give their feet extra attention. Diabetics, seniors, individuals with circulation problems, individuals with poor eye sight, athletes, children and pregnant women should have their feet checked often. Daily inspections for sores, cracks, redness, swelling, and other health issues can prevent serious complications.

Stay active: Moving around is important for your overall wellness. It promotes balance, strength, posture, and improves your blood circulation. A 20 to 30 minute daily walk gets the blood pumping while strengthening your bones and muscles.

Healthy feet are for EVERYONE!

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