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Love Your (Aging) Feet

By Peggy Edwards

It’s the foundation of your body

Last summer, the big toenail on my right foot cracked all the way down the middle. It was painful; it hurt to wear shoes, and socks would catch on the jagged nail and aggravate the injury. I sighed and thought about how my feet were ageing along with the rest of my body. Finally, I hobbled in to see Sarab Dormani, an RN and Podortho Nurse specialist who owns the Natural Sole Wellness Centre in Ottawa.

Sarab did a thorough intake interview, including a medical history and inspected my feet and lower limbs. She assured me there was no infection nor evidence that an underlying health condition had precipitated the injury. She cut away the problem parts of the damaged nail and skillfully trimmed all of the other nails to prevent the cracking from happening on other toes. She gave me advice on taking care of my feet and stressed the need for daily exercise and a healthy diet to look after both my feet, the rest of my body, and my mind. Read more…

Great article in the Fifty Five Plus magazine by Peggy Edwards about the foot care at Natural Sole Wellness Centre,

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