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Nail Reconstruction Sercives in ottawa

Our Toenail Reconstruction treatment is an easy and painless application that helps restore the appearance of a natural toenail. At our clinic, we use a Poly-gel application to help remodel any toenail that has been affected by trauma, fungus or any other factors. Poly-Gel is a hybrid product of acrylic and gel, and offers a firm, durable and yet flexible application to the natural nail. Poly-Gel does not have a smell, is cured under an LED light to be hardened, and does not need to be removed regularly, as it allows the remaining toenail to grow. Our nail technician Melika has over 10 years of experience in the cosmetic nail industry, and is certified to remodel any toenail that has been damaged using our Poly-Gel application. Her advanced techniques allow immediate improvement of the affected toenail offering natural looking results. If desired, toenails can be painted afterwards using regular or gel polish over the poly-gel reconstruction.

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*Please note that for this treatment to be possible, the nail technician needs 15% of the nail plate to be present to allow proper adherence of the Poly-Gel application. Our nail technician Melika offers complimentary consultations to see if this is the right treatment for you. 

What can I expect during my appointment?

What is included during your appointment:

  • Before & After pictures for your file
  • Assessment of the affected toenail(s) and consultation to discuss the best shape/ color for the toenail
  • Toenail filing / debridement to create a smooth and thinner base
  • Toenail primer and pH balancing product application
  • Clear Poly-Gel base sculpting with filing and shaping
  • LED lamp curing to allow for the Poly-Gel to adhere to the nail plate/nail bed
  • Cuticle oil and skin hydration
  • Available cosmetic add-ons: regular polish and gel polish applications (see below)

Toenail Reconstruction Prices 

Toenail reconstruction with Poly-Gel

Price starts at $55 +hst / affected large toenail

Price starts at $30 + hst/ for small toenail

If you wish to have more than one toenail reconstruction, please call the clinic at 613-761-6060 to book a complimentary consultation with our nail technician prior to your appointment. Length of time and prices vary depending on how many toenails need reconstruction.

* Please note: This service is offered by our Nail Technician and is considered a Cosmetic Service. Prices listed above are subject to HST and are not eligible for medical coverage through income taxes or private insurance coverage. 

Polish Add-ons

Bring your own nail polish, additional cuticle care and foot massage (all toenails):  $15

Gel polish application to all toenails, additional cuticle care and foot massage, (we use disposable brushes and containers to avoid cross contamination) : starting at $45 – (special designs: $10 + add-on)

Combo Gel polish + Poly Gel toenail reconstruction: – price varies

Please call us at 613-761-6060 to add any Beauty Add-Ons to your Medical Pedicure Treatment.

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