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Foot Care Treatments & Clinic in Ottawa

At Natural Sole Wellness Centre, we know that foot care is an essential service because your feet are the foundation of your body! Your feet keep you active and independent. Just like your eyes and teeth, your feet also need a routine assessment and care.

Our foot care clinic services and medical pedicures are offered by our team of Registered Nurse and Registered Practical Nurse. Our Nurses are licensed, independent and Regulated Health Care Professionals (registered with the College of Nurses of Ontario) who have acquired an advanced certification in lower limb and foot care beyond their nursing degrees and certificates. They have also acquired additional training and certifications in compression therapy, orthotics and biomechanics, skin care and reprocessing medical equipment. With these skills and knowledge, our Nurses are qualified to assess, treat, educate, manage potential lower limb and foot problems, and provide comprehensive nursing care.  They also have the unique role of promoting the maintenance of healthy lower limbs and feet, as well as preventing foot complications. They use professional podiatry equipment and packaged medical grade sterilized tools to provide care.

Every new patient care starts with an initial consultation and assessment which includes the first treatment. Follow up appointment are recommended according to your treatment plan. Any medical concerns are reported to your primary health care provider (with your permission) to assure follow-up care. We believe that foot care should be done by a medical professional with updated knowledge to ensure your health and safety. Pedicures offered at the spa use an aesthetic and basic approach to foot care and they do not actually treat any underlying medical problems or conditions.

The Nursing Foot Care Experience: Our mission at Natural Sole Wellness Centre is to provide you and your loved ones with quality care. How do our Foot Care Nurses offer their quality care approach? They don’t just look at the feet; they look at the overall person. Our nurses offer a holistic and whole-patient care approach so you and your loved ones receive exceptional care. When you book with us at Natural Sole Wellness Centre, your care is directly provided by one of our nurses, and not by an assistant or a technician. Our nurses are attentive and caring. They focus their approach on long term solutions, pain management, understanding underlying causes to certain medical conditions, health teaching, coordinating patient care, while promoting healthy aging and active lifestyles. Because you matter.  

Our Advanced Foot Care services

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Medical Pedicures / Medical Foot care

Diabetic Foot Care

Seniors Foot Care

Ingrown Toenail

Fungal Toenails

Foot Care For Athletes & Runners

Pregnancy Foot Care


Compression Sock Therapy

Quality Footwear

Custom Orthotics

DVA (Veterans Affairs) & BlueCross Coverage

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We are dedicated in providing you comprehensive care in a comfortable environment. All of our services are offered in our private treatment rooms. Contact us today to learn how we can help you stay strong on your feet!

* This service is offered in French and English / Ce service est offert en français et en anglais.

Nursing Foot Care Treatments

Initial Consultation and Treatment - 60 Min.

The initial appointment includes a complete medical history, nursing assessments, footwear inspections, nursing diagnosis and personalized plan of care. The initial appointment also includes a first treatment for your feet (medical footcare/pedicure, diabetic footcare, ingrown toenail care, thick toenails, corns and callus removal etc.).

*All new patients must book an initial consultation prior to any treatment listed below.


Medical Nursing Foot Care / Follow Up Appointment - 30 Min.

We recommend routine advanced medical foot care every 6-8 weeks to keep your feet healthy.  Here is what we offer:

  • Toenail trimming and debridement
  • Cleaning nail folds & edges
  • Corns & callus care
  • Cracked heels and fissures care
  • Diabetic foot screening & care
  • Footwear Assessment
  • Ingrown toenail care (Non-invasive)
  • Nursing Assessment
  • Thick toenail care
  • Fungal toenail care
  • Health teaching
  • Hot towel treatment

* Note: Our Foot Care Nurse does not soak feet or apply nail polish.


Additional fees may apply for material used for wound care and foot padding/strapping/offloading

Medical Nursing Foot Care / EXTENDED Follow Up Appointment - 45 Min.

*NEW* (Requested by popular demand): This 45 minute follow-up appointment allows you to have more time with our Foot Care Nurse.

The appointment is recommended for patients who:

  • Have been in before, but have not received routine foot care in over 4 months. Our Foot Care Nurse will go over your intake and address current/ new concerns.
  • Wish to discuss about a new concern or pain in addition to their routine medical foot care appointment (ex: new ingrown toenail pain, toenail injury, wound care, etc.)
  • Wish to receive further assessment and have their current treatment plan reviewed (ex: pain management, gait scan analysis, footwear assessment, compression therapy assessment, diabetic health teaching, etc.)


Additional fees may apply for material used for wound care and foot padding/strapping/offloading

Hand & Fingernail Care Add-On

We are proud to now offer hand and fingernail care as an added service. If you or a loved one require help with cutting, trimming and filling your fingernails, then you can request this additional service with our Registered Nurse when booking your appointment. We also provide hand care to help hydrate both your nails and dry hands.


Please note that this is a medical service and is hst exempt.

Our Nurse is a Veterans Affairs provider: direct billing is available for In-Clinic Nursing Foot Care. 

Coverage may be available with your private insurance company under NURSING CARE or Extended Health Spending Account. A receipt with the Nurse’s license # will be provided. This service can also be put towards your income taxes as a medical expense. 

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Foot Care Instrument Reprocessing

Instrument care, sterilisation and reprocessing is an integral part of Nursing Lower Limb & Foot Care. To learn more about our reprocessing policies, please click the link below.