Sharon shares with us how Reiki can help individuals who experience Panic Attacks

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Reiki Helps Panic Attacks: Panic attacks are a common problem worldwide. According to a UK study, anxiety affects about 16% of the population at any one time. And an Australia study of youth ages 16-24, states that one in six young people is currently experiencing an anxiety condition. In the USA, panic attacks affect as many as 6 million people, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. When panic attacks occur, they can be debilitating for the individual. Treatments are available to help people deal with these attacks, but many sufferers continue to experience symptoms in spite of treatment. However, some patients have found that they may improve their symptoms by participating in Reiki sessions.

Man Wearing A PPE MaskHow Panic Attacks Impact Quality of Life: A panic attack occurs when an individual become overwhelmed by a sudden and uncontrollable feeling of fear or dread. During these attacks, the individual may experience various physical symptoms including dizziness, breathing problems, sweating and a pounding heart. 

For most people, panic attacks are not an isolated occurrence. They can strike at any time leaving the individual worried about the timing of their last attack. Many people with panic attacks are also subject to “triggers”, which means that they are more likely to experience an attack in certain circumstances or locations. In fact, many people with a history of panic attacks will avoid locations in which past attacks have occurred. For some people, panic attacks become so severe that they dramatically affect the individual’s quality of life. The individual may avoid social situations, miss work or quit their job altogether.

Many physicians may prescribe a variety of treatments designed to reduce the number of attacks and /or the intensity of attacks. Unfortunately, some people may continue to experience panic attacks even after being under a physician’s care for a significant amount of time. In addition, some of the medications used to treat panic attacks my produce side effects in some people.

What is Reiki? Reiki is an energy healing technique that originated in Japan. The idea behind this treatment method is that issues like panic attacks are the result of a disturbance in the individual’s energy. Throughout a Reiki session, the practitioner’s goal is to restore the client’s normal flow of spiritual energy in hopes of reducing the frequency of panic attacks and/or limiting the severity of a panic attack when it occurs. 

How Can Reiki Help with Panic Attacks? Reiki provides several benefits that may be helpful for people with panic attacks. Some of these benefits may include:

Lower stress levels: Studies have shown that people who participate in Reiki sessions on a regular basis report lower stress levels than people who don’t participate in Reiki. Because higher stress levels can trigger or increase the risk of a panic attack, lowering an individual’s stress levels may help prevent attacks from occurring.    

Restored Feelings of Control: One issue that leads to panic attacks is the feeling that an individual is not in control of his or her own life. Participating in Reiki, however, is proactive. It allows the individual to regain some sense of control over his or her own destiny, which may reduce the risk of future panic attacks.

A Chance to Relax and Calm Down: Many people report that Reiki sessions provide them with a chance to relax, focus on themselves and develop a sense of calm. This may help individuals to avoid letting their panic spin out of control, which often leads to a full blown panic attack.

Connection with another individual: Panic attacks make people feel isolated and lonely. These feelings only serve to worsen the effects of the disorder and increase the severity of attacks. During a Reiki session,the practitioner and the client spend professional and supportive one-on-one time together. This connection helps to remind the individual that he or she is not alone.

Woman Staring At A SunsetBetter coping skills: During Reiki sessions, the client focuses his or her energy on relaxation and healing. As sessions continue, maintaining this focus becomes easier for the client. The client can then use this skill to calm down when a panic attack begins in the future. 

Reiki is not a substitute for medical treatment. However, studies and clients’ testimonials indicate that participating in Reiki sessions on a regular basis may potentially be helpful for people with panic attacks. In addition, because Reiki is non-invasive and involves no medication, it can be used in conjunction with any and all standard medical treatments for panic attacks or panic disorders.

Wishing you wellness!

Sharon Sobers, Certified Usui Reiki Master

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  1. Eleanor Winters

    After completing 5 Reiki sessions with Sharon, I can truly say that she is a qualified, compassionate practitioner completely dedicated to her craft. She is a warm and caring human being who is very cognizant of her client’s needs and remembers little details from previous sessions that are important to her client. You feel comfortable right away with her.


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