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Nano Needling with RF Treatments in Ottawa

Skin resurfacing treatments help improve the appearance of uneven texture, skin discoloration, acne scar damage, enlarged pores, wrinkles, redness from rosacea, and hyperpigmentation. Fractional RF skin resurfacing treatments have become a popular non-surgical procedure to improve the appearance of the skin, with low downtown and minimal discomfort. At Natural Sole Wellness Centre, we are proud to offer the Venus Versa™ NanoFractional Radio Frequency technology to effectively reduce the signs of skin damage and provide the skin a smoother, brighter, and tighter appearance. Skin resurfacing treatments can help with:


  • Uneven and abnormal skin texture
  • Acne scars
  • Scars from injuries or other skin conditions
  • Large and dialted pores
  • Deep wrinkles 
  • Stretch marks
  • Mild rosacea
  • Hyperpigmentation

Our Nano Needling Skin Resurfacing RF treatments

Our highly customizable fractional skin resurfacing technology uses an advanced Nano-Fractional Radio Frequency with SmartScan™ technology. This allows our Aesthetician to smoothly control the level and percentage of ablation, coagulation, and resurfacing from mild to severe depending on the area of treatment. The Venus Versa’s ™ advanced NanoFractional RF™ allows collagen stimulation and deep collagen production, which in returns replaces old skin cells with healthy new ones. Small pins sit on the surface of the skin and emit radio frequency energy into the epidermis. The radio frequency energy creates heat in the skin and simultaneously ablates tiny channels of the epidermis while creating coagulation around the tiny ablated channels,  stimulating a wound-healing response. All of this is done fractionally (in tiny pin-points), having great effects but not requiring a long time for the skin to heal.

Key benefits include: 

  • Smooth, healthier, and youthful skin
  • More comfortable than other skin resurfacing treatments
  • Includes Heat and RF technology that penetrates deeper
  • Stimulates the body’s natural collagen production at a deeper level
  • Low downtime
  • Safe for all skin tones
  • Short treatment sessions

Why choose Natural Sole Wellness Centre for your Nano Needling Skin Resurfacing treatments?

At Natural Sole Medical Spa, we value the importance of providing our patients with exceptional quality care. Therefore, all our procedures include an initial consultation; this allows us to understand your needs and concerns. Our highly trained skin care specialists will conduct a skin analysis, obtain your medical history, and discuss with you about your skin care goals. Each person is unique, and everyone has different skin care needs, therefore our consultations are essential to advise you of your best possible treatment and discuss about cost of treatments. Full treatment effects occur gradually over a period of two to three months

We use the latest skin resurfacing technologies that are approved and regulated by Health Canada. Our professionals apply strict procedures and protocols during treatments to ensure your safety and well-being. Our Venus Versa technology offers effective results and is far more comfortable than microneedling and laser treatments with minimal downtime.

* Slide the arrows below to compare the before and after images. (Results may vary)

Results after 3 treatments
Acne Scars after 3 treatments
Results after 4 treatments

Your care plan at Natural Sole Medical Spa

Your treatment plan includes a patch test prior to starting the treatment to ensure we are using the safest and most effective settings for your skin. We will also take before and after pictures, which allows us to document the areas to be treated. However, taking pictures also allows both your skin care professional and you to visualize the evolution of your treatment. We also provide a numbing cream for the skin to allow your comfort. Your post-procedure home care plan will be provided to you, and we will go through any questions you may have. Our team will perform a wellness post-procedure phone call follow 48 hours after your appointment to ensure that your skin is healing well. You will also be scheduled a post treatment appointment (in person or virtual) to discuss your skin resurfacing journey with our skin care specialist.

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Our Medical Aesthetic Consultations have a $50+hst Fee which can be redeemed towards a treatment, package, or membership of $200+hst or more.

Booking a consultation allows our Medical Aesthetics Team to discuss your goals and concerns, while ensuring that the chosen treatment is suitable and tailored to your specific needs. The consultation also provides us an opportunity review your medical history, skin type, and other relevant factors to ensure the safety and efficacy of your treatment, enhancing your overall experience and results.

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