The Use of Acupuncture To Treat Osteoarthritis

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Elbow and Hand PainOsteoarthritis affects millions of Canadians every day. It causes joint pain, decreases mobility, and gets in the way of everyday activities and your enjoyment of life.

Current treatment options opt for a multidisciplinary approach incorporating the use of non-pharmacological modalities; patient education, physical therapy, aerobic exercise, social support and weight loss. The use of Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques has been proven to greatly improve quality of life.What many do not realize is the many complementary treatment options available for osteoarthritis.

One of the most effective treatment is Acupuncture. Acupuncture has been studied for decades in relation to its pain relieving ability. With most studies proving the positive effect of acupuncture on patients with arthritis and other pain issues.

When having acupuncture for the first time, you may be worried about a few different things. “Will it hurt? Will I feel the needle? Will I pass out?” The short answer is NO. There are far more benefits to acupuncture than side effects.

This minimally invasive technique can bring relief during weather changes and seasonal discomfort. Considering the long-term effects of OA, acupuncture may be a treatment option that allows you the benefit of pain relief without the side effects of pain medication.

Some insurance providers will cover a portion of acupuncture treatment with a prescription or referral from a doctor. Ask us about a referral for your primary care physician. And start putting and end to OA pain!

Evelyn Huer – Registered Acupuncturist and Certified Bioflex Laser Therapist

We offer many different services that can you manage osteoarthritis, so you can find pain relief and enjoy the things you love! Call us at 613-761-6060 to find out!

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