About Our Holistic Wellness Centre

Natural Sole Wellness Centre is a newly renovated wellness facility located at 1677 Carling Ave. in Ottawa, ON. Our wellness centre provides you with a team of different practitioners, at one convenient location, who are dedicated at providing you services and treatments that focus on your overall well-being. At every consultation and follow up appointment, your practitioner will assess your health concerns and discuss your current needs. You are then provided with a customized treatment plan to ensure it meets your optimal health goals. At the end of every treatment, we offer health teaching advice that you can integrate as part of your home care plan. This allows you to keep your professional results in the comfort of your home or in between appointments. Your holistic wellness journey is our mission, and we commit to working with you.

We are proud to offer you a modern facility with a soothing and calming ambiance, free on-site parking, easy ground floor access, private treatment rooms, a studio gym room, state of the art technologies, and our highest level of Infection Prevention and Control when it comes to reprocessing foot care tools and equipment. We are committed to improving self-care in many ways.

Our key values

Professionalism and Respect

Transparancy and Honesty

Compassionate care



whole person-centered care

Holistic Wellness Redefined

Holistic wellness is an active process of making healthy lifestyle choices and being well-informed about them. This dynamic process means more than just being “illness free”. Maintaining an optimal amount of wellness allows us to live a better quality of life as everything we do and feel relates to our well-being. Wellness oriented services and treatments allow a person to adopt and maintain healthy behaviours. In return, healthy behaviours reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases and assure a better mental health.

We understand that everyone has their own individual needs when it comes to rehabilitation, pain management, pursuit of optimal health and overall well-being. Therefore, it is crucial that we offer our community a diversified range of services, treatments and products that allows you to maintain your wellness journey.

Our Soul to Sole Approach

Natural Sole Wellness Centre offers you a holistic approaching to healing. We believe that every part of our body is connected. With this in mind, we see our body, mind & spirit as interconnected and we have integrated this in our practice approach.

Rather than just treating an isolated systematic issue on its own, your holistic wellness needs and concerns are taken in consideration as a whole. In a world where emotional intelligence is developing tremendously, it’s important for our wellness practitioners to support you in making positive changes in your life by integrating your mind, body and spirit.

“Make yourself a priority. Embrace your self-care journey. It’s not a question of living longer but more about living better and fully. We are creators, not just survivors. The choice is yours.”