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1677 Carling Ave.
Unit B
Ottawa, On

(613) 761-6060


Temporary Hours

Of Operations

Monday: 9:00 to 16:00

Tuesday: 10:00 to 18:00

Wednesday: 10:00 to 19:00

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Our Team’s Philosophy

Our team at Natural Sole Wellness Centre works hard every day to deliver quality care that meets your expectations. We are dedicated to provide you with the services that allow you to reach your optimum health. With your consent, our interdisciplinary team can work together to deliver you with individualized care program to meet your unique needs. We believe that mutual respect, participation and collaboration between you and our team member is key to achieving the best outcomes for your unique wellness journey. Our valuable team members continuously seek to deliver safe, efficient and compassionate care and services to the people of our community in an inclusive and respectful environment.

Sarab A. Dormani

Registered Nurse, Clinic Owner & Podortho®Nurse


Board Member of the OPNA

Sarab is a graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences with a minor in Psychology and a bachelor’s degree of Science in Nursing. In 2012, she obtained her licence to practice as a Registered Nurse in Ontario. Sarab is a member of The College of Nurses of Ontario, The Registered Nurses Association of Ontario and a member of the Ontario Podortho Nursing Association Inc. where she’s earned the position of Director of Membership among Podortho® Nurses.

Sarab, began her nursing career practising medical-surgical nursing however, quickly transferred to the emergency department where she spent the next 5 and half years developing professional expertise as an emergency room nurse in various settings including resuscitation, triage and care facilitator. Thriving for continuous professional development, she completed her post graduate studies in Basic & Advanced Nursing Foot care, as well as many other continuous education programs related to foot and lower limb care. With a passion for holistic health and wellness, she has proudly co-founded Natural Sole Wellness Centre. Sarab feels that she has a solid role in the promotion of lower limb and foot health.

I’m truly excited to serve my community in a deeper and better way with my practice. As a Registered Nurse specialized in foot care, I strongly believe a person’s overall well-being starts with a solid foundation which is their feet. Providing quality foot care is an important aspect of a person’s overall health. I recognize that many of us forget to care about our feet or are simply unable to. I’m able to address many lower limb concerns by providing a proper risk assessment, non-invasive treatments, routine care and continuous health teaching. If needed, I can make referrals to other healthcare providers. Not only do I promote healthy feet, but I’m a true advocate for preventive care. Because your feet deserve it!”

Katherine Krivanek

Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Certified Personal Trainer

Katherine is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist™, CSEP Certified Personal Trainer and soon to be Culinary Nutrition Specialist. She is graduate of the Natural Nutrition program from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and Fitness and Health Promotion program from Algonquin College.

She believes that living a healthy, balanced life doesn’t need to be complicated. Her motto is real food for real life – helping busy people eat well with easy, nutrient dense meals that are tailored to unique nutritional needs without having to sacrifice all the things they love.

Sarah Cephas

Licensed Skin Care Aesthetician

Sarah is a licensed Aesthetician with more than 8 years of vast experience in the beauty and skin care industry. She began her career as a Make-up Artist and after mastering and learning the importance of their ingredients and effects on the skin, she decided to combine her passion for make-up artistry with skin care. She obtained her Aesthetic Diploma with a focus on skin care. She expanded her career working as a brand ambassador and staff trainer for a wide variety of skin care products focusing on skin conditions such as burns, scaring, varicose veins, rosacea and Vitiligo. Sarah has continued her education throughout her career adding certifications in hair removal, natural acid peels, microdermabrasion, and treatment therapy such as oxygen, deep sea purifying and hibiscus. 

“I understand the connection between beauty and health and know how important our skin is!  When your skin is where you want it to be, that’s when you feel your most confident! That’s why I chose this industry and why I’ve expanded my knowledge and experience in the field, for my clients, every unique one of them!”

Evelyn Huer

Certified Reflexologist

Certified BioFlex Laser Therapy

Registered Acupuncturist

Evelyn Huer is a Registered Acupuncturist with the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture of Ontario. Through her studies she has developed a deep understanding and appreciation of the physical, energetic and emotional connections that affect the health and well-being. She uses the diagnostic principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as studies in the area of orthopedics, sports injuries, chronic pain, stress reduction, and health and wellness across the lifespan.

Evelyn is also a Certified Reflexologist and has been a member of RRCO since 2009. She has a practical, professional approach to help clients achieve “their best possible balance”. Reflexology is a great, non-invasive way to promote and support physical and emotional health and well-being, to enhance recovery, training, or to support other treatments.

Evelyn is also trained in a technique of foot manipulation developed by Dr. Mahlon Locke and she incorporates this, as well as elements from her Swedish Massage and TuiNa training, into her practice.

“My interests include Dragon Boat racing, canoeing, and gardening in Spring and Summer. In Fall and Winter there is always strength training, a great book to read, new music to listen to, something to build or fix, or a new recipe to try out. There is, of course, a small menagerie of animals to tend to and they, along with my partner, make our house a home.”

Medi Spa Staff Placeholder

Eric Lalonde

Registered Massage Therapist


Eric Lalonde, a dedicated Registered Massage Therapist for more than 10 years, enjoys supporting individuals on their path to feeling great. Eric uses deep tissue massage to reduce pain, tension and stress, and this can lead to real improvements in quality of life.

Eric graduated from Le Collège Boréal in 2009, and has since completed post-graduate certifications in Sports Injury and Orthopaedics. He has also taken training in Thai Massage, Lomi Lomi (traditional Hawaiian massage), Cranio Sacral Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage, Acupressure, pregnancy, pre- and post-natal massage, fascial release, and cupping, as well as courses on treating frozen shoulder, rotator cuff impingement, carpal tunnel syndrome, and repetitive strain injury.

Eric’s unique and intuitive approach to massage aims to eliminate pain, reduce tension within the muscles, and augment joint mobility, circulation, and lymphatic drainage. Additional benefits of Eric’s treatments are an enhanced sense of well-being, more balanced energy, and improved clarity of mind.

To stay balanced, Eric loves spending time with his family, cooking, being creative, as well as doing various outdoor sports such as snow boarding, skiing, boating, and diving. He’s also a certified kite surfer.

Eric is looking forward to helping you on your path to feeling great.
Eric’s motto: “Carpe Diem” / Seize the Day!

Frederic Parent


Director of Operations and Marketing

Clinic Co-Founder

Frederic started his undergraduate studies in pure and applied sciences, and computer sciences, only to complete his university degree in business administration with specialization in marketing and public relations. Throughout his professional career, Frederic has spent over 20 years in customer service, including 10 years of sales, management, and marketing experience. With this acquired knowledge, Frederic is proud to co-found Natural Sole Wellness Centre and take on the position of Director of Operations and Marketing.

Frederic values the importance of healthy living and nutrition. With this in mind, and alongside his team, Frederic is passionate about promoting health, wellness, and an active lifestyle.

”By providing you with a passionate team of health and wellness professionals in one centre, we strive in offering quality care to help you reach your optimal health goals.”

Virginia Gibson

Receptionist / Administrative Assistant

Social Media Coordinator

A recent honors graduate of the Algonquin College Office Administration program, and a current student of the Executive Administration Program, Virginia is excited to be starting her career with the Natural Sole Wellness Team. With a vast and varied background in the service and beauty industry, Virginia can answer any questions you may have regarding available services. A steadfast believer in holistic therapies, Virginia makes an excellent addition to our client management team. Virginia is also a busy mother to four daughters and two pugs.

“I am dedicated to making your appointment at Natural Sole Wellness Centre a positive and uplifting experience. I am extremely excited to serve my new community of Ottawa, and I look forward to welcoming you.”

Health & Wellness Practitioners

Join Our Team!

Do you dream of joining a team that’s passionate about health and wellness? Do you feel as though you have an important role to play in helping people feel their best? Do you believe in holistic well-being?

If so, then we want to hear from you!

Send us your resume at info@naturalsolewellness.ca so that you can start offering The Soul to Sole Experience to our community!