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Ingrown toenail treatments in ottawa

Ingrown toenails are caused by the edges of the nail plate pressing into the surrounding skin of the toenail. When the toenail is ingrown, it can lead to pain, redness, inflammation, and infection. This is because the nail causes a tear in the skin, which not only irritates the skin but also allows bacteria to easily enter the toe. Patients who have diabetes, poor circulation to their legs, heart conditions, immunosuppressed, or any other underlying medical condition, are at risk of severe complications from ingrown toenails and infections, and need to seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Our Non-Invasive Approach

At Natural Sole Wellness Centre, our Nurse offers a non-invasive and a non-surgical approach to provide ingrown toenail care by using sterile and professional instruments. We also use a topical numbing spray to reduce any discomfort while removing the painful nail spikes or correcting the shape and curve of the toenail. Our Nurse will also provide wound care, preventive care, and health teaching. A follow up appointment is also booked 4-6 weeks post treatment to reassess your progress. To prevent ingrown toenails, we recommend wearing properly fitted shoes, and to trim the toenails straight across and not cutting them to short.

If you suffer from ingrown toenails, please do not attempt any “bathroom surgeries” or wait any longer. This can increase the risk of infections and inflammation, delaying proper healing. Call our clinic for an assessment and treatment with our Registered Nurse. We also offer “urgent appointments” if needed. 

Ingrown Toenail Care for kids

We commonly provide non-invasive ingrown toenail care to children and infants at Natural Sole Wellness Centre. Ingrown toenails in children can be caused by tight shoes, tight socks, incorrect nail trimming (cutting them too short), picking or pulling at the toenails, trauma (chipped nails digging into the skin), and genetic traits (how the nails naturally curve into the skin). Sometimes, children don’t tell their parents that their toenails are ingrown until they become very painful and inflamed, which can easily lead to infections. Our Nurses and clinic are welcoming and child friendly. During the initial consultation, our Nurse will provide an assessment of the ingrown toenail(s) and discuss the best treatment option for your child. Our clinic offers a non-surgical approach to ingrown toenails. We use a gentle technique in removing the ingrown toenail spikes from the affected area while prioritizing your child’s comfort. After the initial treatment, a follow up appointment is booked a few weeks later to revaluate the growth of the toenail and ensure that the ingrown toenail doesn’t reoccur. Our Nurse will then discuss about the treatment plan and preventive measures. If your child has an ingrown toenail that is causing discomfort, book an appointment with of our Nurses to prevent serious complications.

nail brace correction system

If needed, we use a non-surgical “nail bracing” method to correct painful ingrown or involuted toenails. Nail braces were created in Europe many decades ago and are one of the conservative methods of choice for ingrown toenails. Nail bracing is a safe, simple, and affordable treatment option that avoids surgery. It requires no anesthesia and no downtime. This correction system uses a thin composite solution that is applied and shaped onto the surface of the affected toenail. The toenail brace acts like a spring and gently straightens and lifts the edges of the toenail. This helps reduced the pressure of the toenail against the skin and eliminates painful toenails that have often become too curved and/or that grow into the skin. The nail bracing correction system works over the course of several weeks. It can be applied on children, and diabetic patients. It can be used on any affected toenails, and if needed, the brace can be reapplied. This procedure allows the nail to grow naturally and less curved, while pulling the nail plate away from the edges. Whether you’ve had ingrown toenails for years or if this is a sudden concern, book your initial consultation with our Nurse to see if the nail bracing system is right for you.

Nursing Foot Care Treatments

Initial Consultation and Treatment for Ingrown Toenail(s) - 60 min.

The initial appointment includes a complete medical history, nursing assessments, footwear inspections, nursing diagnosis and personalized plan of care. The initial appointment also includes the first treatment concerning the ingrown and or/ involuted toenail(s).

 *All new patients must book an initial consultation prior to any treatment listed below.


 Additional fees may apply for the toenail brace starting at $70/brace application 

Ingrown toenail – Before and after treatment

Please note that this is a medical service and is hst exempt.

Our Nurse is a Veterans Affairs provider: direct billing is available for In-Clinic Nursing Foot Care. 

Coverage may be available with your private insurance company under NURSING CARE. A receipt with the Nurse’s license # will be provided. This service can also be put towards your income taxes as a medical expense. 

Foot Care Instrument Reprocessing

Instrument care, sterilisation and reprocessing is an integral part of Nursing Lower Limb & Foot Care. To learn more about our reprocessing policies, please click the link below.

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