Plantar Wart Treatments

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What are Plantar warts?

Plantar warts are small lesions that can be found at the bottom of your feet or in between your toes. They are caused by the HPV virus; therefore, they are a viral infection of the skin. This occurs when the virus enters the skin through an opening such as a small scrape on the sole of the feet. Plantar warts appear as small clusters (cauliflower shape), sometimes including tiny black dots which are blood vessels. Although they are not cancerous lesions, plantar warts can be painful. Thick callouses may appear over or around the wart which can increase tenderness to the feet.

How we can help

At Natural Sole Wellness Centre, we offer non-invasive professional treatments to manage and treat plantar warts. Our Nurses will conduct a thorough assessment, provide medical foot care, skin debridement and use a pharmacological treatment that is quick and effective. There is no downtime or incisions. Our Nurses will also establish a treatment plan and provide homecare recommendations. Contact us today at 613-761-6060 to book your consultation and treatment with one of our Nurses.

Plantar Warts Treatments

Initial Consultation and Treatment

The initial appointment includes a complete medical history, nursing assessment, nursing diagnosis and personalized care plan. The initial appointment also includes a first treatment for your plantar wart such as skin debridement and treatment of the wart. Depending on the severity of wart, your Nurse will discuss other treatment options with you.

*All new patients must book an initial consultation prior to any treatment listed below.

Starting at $98 

Follow Up Treatment

Starting at $70/Session

Please note that this is a medical service and is hst exempt.

Our Nurse is a Veterans Affairs provider: direct billing is available for In-Clinic Nursing Foot Care. 

Coverage may be available with your private insurance company under NURSING CARE. A receipt with the Nurse’s license # will be provided. This service can also be put towards your income taxes as a medical expense. 

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