Quality footwear & Orthotics

Quality footwear in ottawa

Proper footwear and care are essential for your feet to ensure your overall wellness. Your feet allow you to walk, dance, jump, sprint, and do much more! They deserve a pair of shoes that will provide them optimal protection, comfort and support. We are proud to carry a line of professional footwear designed to keep your feet strong. With over 40 different styles an colors to choose from, you deserve a pair of shoes that is designed for your feet’s biomechanics. Don’t worry, they are also stylish!

And did we mention something else? Shoes don’t have to hurt your feet! Poorly fitted shoes can cause devastating problems such as bunions, hammer toes, corns, calluses, increased foot pain, and even ulcers. Our brand of shoes are designed by foot health experts that take in consideration the importance of your foot’s health. We advocate for healthy feet but it definitely starts with a good pair of shoes!

The Technology behind our shoes

  • Removable orthotics and orthotic friendly 
  • Multiple removable insoles to provide a custom fit and flexibility
  • Polyurethane outsoles absorb shock forces and provide cushioning
  • SmartGrip™ polyurethane sole for slip resistance
  • Hidden depth sole design with raised sidewalls and firm heel counters
  • High, wide toe boxes and soft, safe linings help protect the foot from injury

Why choose us?

  • Free footwear assessment: your feet are measured at our clinic (length and width). This can be booked with our Registered Nurse/ Foot Care Specialist.
  • Wide variety: over 40 models to choose from in our clinic, and through our catalog.
  • Custom footwear orders: we order the pair that fits your feet according to the length and width of your feet. Extra wide width is available.
  • Variety of sizes available:  up to size 15 available for men.
  • Removable insoles to accomodate your custom orthotics or our available pre-fabricated orthotics.
Foot Care for Runners

Our Best Sellers

Breeze Athletic Knit - Blue

Breeze Athletic Knit - Lime

Breeze Athletic knit - Pink

Breeze Athletic knit - Grey

Breeze Athletic knit - Black

Sierra Trail Runner - Grey/Purple

Sierra Trail Runner - Brown/Pink

Sierra Trail Runner - Grey/Blue

Sierra Trail Runner - Brown


V-Last Lace

X-Last - Black

Balance Shoe Hiker

Performance Athletic Sneaker - Mint/Black

Performance Athletic Sneaker - Brown/Black

Orthopedic Boat Shoe

Linda - Taupe / Black

Emmy - Black / Tan

Mesh Mary Jane - Grey/Black

Lexington - Black/Brown

Chukka boot

Logan Boot

Paige Boot - Black / Tan

Hiking Boot - Black / Brown

More styles available in store.

To book your footwear assessment with our Registered Nurse / Foot Care Specialist call us at 613-761-6060

Prefabricated orthotics in ottawa

Designed by a team of ankle and foot experts, we carry a line of prefabricated orthotics that are engineered to provide you with biomechanical support and correction. Our innovative orthotic inserts are designed to improve your foot and ankle strength. In return, this helps with your knees and hips placement as well as pelvic stability.

We believe in providing you prefabricated orthotics that have been designed by foot health experts. Staying active and strong on your soles is simply good for the soul!

What makes our orthotics different?

  • 3 different models to choose from for low, medium or high arch support 
  • Available in different levels of supports, from low to high arch
  • Over 9 different sizes, up to men’s size 14
  • Full length orthotic support
  • Affordable (Starting at $80 per pair).
  • Extra support in your shoes
  • Available in store for immediate relief
  • Heel post support (limits rocking and pronation)

Why consider diabetic footwear instead of regular shoes?

Quality footwear can improve blood circulation for better mobility

  • Diabetic footwear offers extra room and features breathable materials for a custom fit and ultimate comfort. That’s why diabetic footwear is an excellent choice for people with neuropathy.

Proper footwear can prevent calluses and skin rubbing keeping feet healthy

  • From a deep toe box to smooth seams, the interior of a diabetic shoe lessens friction against irregularities like bunions and hammertoes while also preventing calluses.

Diabetic footwear will decrease pressure for less foot pain

  • Diabetic shoes feature shock-absorbent soles that help reduce pressure on bunions and ulcers while alleviating pain from plantar fasciitis and arthritis.

A footwear that is designed to reduce the risk of falling

The technology behind the Moore Balance Shoe is one of a kind. We are proud to carry an advanced quality footwear that is designed to reduce the risk of falls. A lightweight yet firm and supportive shoe that provides stability and support so you can stay up on your feet. The smooth outer sole is angled and slip resistant so you can avoid trips and injuries. To learn more about the Moore Balance Shoe, call us at 613-761-6060 today!