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Natural Manicures

Regular Manicure

20-30 min. – $40 +tx

  • Nail trimming / shaping
  • Nail filing
  • Cuticle clean up
  • Hand massage / Moisturizer

Bring your own nail polish for color + $5 add-on

Deluxe Manicure

45-60 min. – $60 + tx

  • Nail trimming/ shaping
  • Nail filing
  • Nail buffing
  • Cuticle care
  • Sugar scrub
  • Hot towel treatment
  • Specialty cuticle oil  
  • Hand massage
  • Moisturizer

Bring your own nail polish for color + $5 add-on

Gel Manicures

Gel Polish Manicures

Gel polish manicure applied to natural nails. Traditional gel polish manicure is booked for approximately 1 hour.

Regular Color: $60 + tx

Special designs (glitter, French tip, ombre, cat eye, etc.): starting at $70 + tx

Design: starting at $5 + tx / nail

Cover Up Gel Polish Manicures

The Cover up Gel polish manicure uses a thick overlay builder gel to strengthen your nails without adding length. This manicure is booked for approximately 1h30 hour.

Cover up + Regular Color: $85 + tx

Cover up Special designs (glitter, French tip, ombre, cat eye, etc.): starting at $90 + tx

Design: starting at $5 + tx / nail

Cover up refill: starting at $85 + tx

Nail Extensions With Poly Gel

Poly Gel is a new hybrid formula offering a light but strong option for nail extensions. Unlike acrylic nails, Poly Gel has a very mild fragrance, is more durable, and it is cured under UV-LED light. Poly Gel Extension service is booked for approximately 2h-2h30 hour.

Poly Gel New Set Regular Color: starting at $100 + tx

Poly Gel New Set Special Designs (French, ombre, glitter, etc.): starting at $125 + tx

Design: starting at $5 + tx / nail

Poly Gel refill: starting at $90 + tx

Broken nail repair: $7 + tx/ nail

Gel Polish / Poly Gel Extension Removal & Regular Manicure

Removal of the gel polish / poly gel extension. Also includes a natural regular manicure and hand care to help restore the health of your hands and fingernails

1h30 min – $75.00 + tx

Please note that the Nail Technician does not remove polish and extensions from another manicurist

Specialty Designs

If you have a design that you would like our Nail Artist to replicate, you can email us at

or DM us on instagram


Design: starting at $5 + tx / nail

Sanitation policy

Please note that we adhere to strict disinfection and sterilisation procures. Read our policies below.

How do you sterilize your instruments? Instrument care and reprocessing is an integral part of our care at Natural Sole Wellness Centre. Our clinic is equipped with a dedicated reprocessing/ sterilization area, and we’ve implemented strict reprocessing policies and procedures as required by Public Health Ontario (PHO) & Infection Prevention & Control Canada (IPAC). All used instruments go through soaking, scrubbing and an ultrasonic washer using an enzymatic cleanser. We then package our instruments in sterilization pouches and use the Ritter M9 Steam Sterilizer Autoclave to steam sterilize.

Do you use any disposable items? During nail services, we use disposable instruments that are discarded after use. We use fresh linen for each new client, and our station is disinfected with hospital grade disinfectant in between clients.

Why should I bring my own nail polish when I receive a natural manicure? We do not carry any color nail polish as this is a personal item and encourage our clients to bring their product of choice from home. This avoids sharing products, and thus reducing the risk of transmitting any possible infections.

How do you apply your gel polish and poly gel polish without cross-contaminating? We use professional grade gel polish using a hygienic application method. The base coat and gel color are poured into a disposable dish, and we use disposable brushes for application. This avoids sharing nail polish and brushes.

What if I have a hand infection? If you suspect that you have a fungal, bacterial or wart infection, we suggest you seeing your primary health care provider for a proper diagnosis and treatment. If you need additional care, treatment or preventive care, we may suggest a consultation with our Registered Nurse.